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Who am I?

I trained as an industrial designer and have been working in the field of product design with computer-aided design (CAD) for over 25 years.

What can I offer?

As a designer with good know-how in project management, I bring a structured and independent way of working as well as a portion of creativity. I develop innovative solutions for and with people.

As an expert in transformation (Industry 4.0), I use drawing and moderation techniques to communicate new concepts quickly and clearly. I am able to successfully overcome cultural differences and language barriers.

As a Scrum Master, I support the development team to identify requirements in an agile way and adapt the development process quickly and effectively. I have the ability to analyse obstacles promptly and communicate processes transparently.

How can I get involved?

My current status as a "small business owner" enables me to offer my dialogue partners a service on demand over certain periods of time. Billing is made up of a fixed lump sum for the administrative part and a fee per hour spent.

Which network am I active in?

I have been a member of the Association of German Industrial Designers since 2002, recommended by Andreas Enslin, my former client at Grohe. I began my freelance career in 2005 when I met Joachim Kobuss at Köln Design e. V.. Excellent collaborations with Shop!, the association for POS in retail, and Papacks Sales at Andres GmbH characterise me. Since 2021 I have been working with materials.cologne and from 2023 I will be offering workshops at La Fresque de l'Économie Circulaire to optimally adapt knowledge about the circular economy.

Portrait: Katrin Lübeck Business- und Portraitfotografie

  1. 3D-CAD-Modellierer, Industrial Designer

    Éric Falaise - Designer


  2. Éric Falaise - Transformation Expert

    Industrie 4.0

  3. Éric Falaise - Scrum Master